Inventing greater Paris metroppolis

France’s biggest metropolitan area, boasting 7 million residents and strong entrepreneurial appeal, is launching a call for innovative urban and economic projects.

For the first time, the city halls of Paris have come together to transfer plots of land under their control to the project leaders chosen by the jury as having proposed the most innovative projects.

Outstanding sites have been presented, with the aim of inventing new neighbourhoods around the metro stations that will span the 200 km of the future automatic metro being built around Paris. Project leaders will also find unique sites on which to create the heart and soul of the Greater Paris metropolitan area, in urban centres, on riverbanks, in former forts, and in rapidly-changing economic activity areas. This multi-site approach will contribute to the emergence and establishment of the metropolitan identity currently being forged.

All talented individuals, both local and international, are welcome to propose concrete and innovative answers to social challenges and the issues of urban change, as well as to the urgent environmental situation and the need to adapt to climate change, in the wake of COP 21.


The metropolitan area and capital city are an economic driver of the Ile-de-France region and the nation. The area has exceptional potential for sustainable development and international influence. Today it has entered a major new phase in its development, together with all the stakeholders involved in this industry.

This is a defining moment! Together, the State, the Greater Paris metropolitan area, and Société du Grand Paris have chosen to launch this call for projects for innovative territories that will draw upon the creativity, skills and expertise of all of the city’s stakeholders and developers: creating the city, creating the metropolitan area, creating the future.

This initiative is an invitation to build a metropolis together, one that is more resilient, innovative, sustainable and more united in solidarity, offering the prospect of new urban and economic environments, a reflection of the metropolitan project’s quality standards and its potential for innovation.

The various urban projects initiated in this context will contribute to putting the Greater Paris metropolitan area at the heart of the most advanced generation of urban models in the world. These projects will build the metropolitan project and contribute to establishing its identity, international influence and its ability to promote the expertise of France worldwide.

This call for projects, with its reinvented partnership framework, offers investors and companies a variety of opportunities for building and developing the many strategic locations available for consultation. The variety of urban contexts the mayors have proposed encourages the emergence of diverse innovative approaches and the creation of economic, social and cultural value.

This initiative offers the stakeholders involved in inventing the city the possibility of bringing to the fore those territories that demonstrate their expertise. It invites them to fully explore the potential before them and immerse themselves in the many domains that characterise and enrich a global metropolis.

Together, let’s take action to bring Greater Paris to life!

Jean-François Carenco
Prefect of Paris and the Ile-de-France region

Patrick Ollier
Chairman of the Greater Paris metropolitan area

Philippe Yvin
Chairman of the Management Board of Société du Grand Paris


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