Place du Général de Gaulle and surrounding area

Place du Général de Gaulle, 71-73 rue Houdan, rue Voltaire, 3 rue du Four 92330 Sceaux

Place du Général de Gaulle represents a strategic area of the centre of Sceaux, located at the intersection of the city’s two main arteries. It is one of the city’s main focus points, due to its proximity with the shopping area in the pedestrian street and the presence of major public facilities. Today, the site is marked by the presence of the under-valued Château de l’Amiral, a key element in the city’s heritage, in need of regeneration. This is a large-scale site (1.4 hectares). The challenge is to redesign this area, revealing its full appeal, through the construction of a new block.

Current use

Château de l'Amiral, in need of renovation, and housing, shops, a car park (to be made underground), and road (of which the surface area will be reduced)

Planned programme

Open: shops, businesses Car park to be transformed into underground parking


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Urban context / existing buildings

Place du Général De Gaulle is located at the centre of the city of Sceaux, a few hundred metres from the Jardin de la Ménagerie, between the regional park and the green belt. The site is structured around an open-air car park with 89 parking spaces, to be rebuilt, two dilapidated buildings to be demolished, a building, the Château de l’Amiral, listed in the heritage inventory of the local urbanization plan, the Général De Gaulle monument and associated green space, the Place de la Poste, and public spaces.
It is part of a city-centre urban fabric, made up of shops, particularly in the pedestrian area of Rue Houdan, facilities (City Hall, retirement home, schools…) and individual and collective housing. The site, the green centres of the blocks, and the rows of trees along the roads, all contribute to the district's charm.
Located at the intersection of RD 60 and RD 67, the site is well connected to the major roads connecting the Metropolitan area. A car-sharing Autolib’ station is located near the site. The site is also well served by public transport. Five bus lines serve the site: line 128 towards Paris, line 192 towards Rungis, line 13 connecting north and south, line 395 connecting south and west, and line 6 connecting the entire Sceaux territory. The site is also located 600 metres from the Sceaux Station (RER B).
The regeneration of this site into a true urban centre will reinforce the area's role as a major square in the metropolitan area.

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Place du Général de Gaulle, 71-73 rue Houdan, rue Voltaire, 3 rue du Four 92330 Sceaux



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