Porte Brancion

Intersection of Les Insurgés de Varsovie, Rue Louis Vicat, Porte de Brancion intersection 75015 Paris, 92170 Vanves

The Cities of Paris and Vanves jointly propose the Porte Brancion site, which is symbolic of their common goal of creating innovative connections between Paris and its inner suburbs. The site includes three lands: two of which are the cover slabs of Porte Brancion and the third one is a plot of Rue Louis Vicat, each representing points of entrance and exchange between Paris and Vanves. The site could be extended to Place des Insurgés de Varsovie (technical and legal audits in progress) This call for projects, based on existing property, presents an opportunity to transform these junction areas into true urban living spaces that meet the challenges of the Innovation Arc, to the benefit of residents

Current use

Cover slabs on the ring road, free of construction

Planned programme

Place des Insurgés de Varsovie: Open, with economic aspect.
Porte Brancion: depending on the load-bearing capacity of the slabs, light use


City of Paris, the State

Land area

Porte Brancion: 1,040m² (slab 1) + 850m² (slab 2)
Plot of Vanves (State property): 5168m²

Planned nature of the transferred rights


Urban context / existing buildings

The site is located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris and the city of Vanves. It is comprised of three different areas situated above the ring road: two cover slabs on either side of Avenue de la Porte Brancion, and a large area.
This zone is located in a very specific setting, at the interface between Paris and Vanves. The latter municipality presents a continuous facade of buildings that face Paris, comprised of a continuous line of offices, housing units, car parks and hotels, of varying levels of quality.
The site is part of Paris' green belt, which extends from the ring road to Boulevard Lefebvre. It includes a large sports centre, social housing and a school; the area is being studied for future regeneration.
To the west of Porte de la Plaine, the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre carried out major modernisation work in 2015, and will open new hotels opposite Avenue de la Porte de la Plaine. On the other side of the railway lines, in Porte de Vanves, the ring road has been covered, and the cover slab is the foundation for the Anna Marly public garden and a shared garden, both inaugurated in 2013.
The site's accessibility via public transport is ideal, with stations "Porte de Versailles" and "Porte de Vanves", for metro lines 12 and 13, respectively, located less than 500 metres away. The site is also accessible via tramway T3, 5 bus lines (58, 89, 95, 191, N63) and several bike and car sharing stations (vélib and autolib).
Next to Porte de Vanves, a student residence will be built on the ring road structure.

Prospects for innovation

Innovative and attractive connections between Vanves and Paris
Light use, such as urban hydroponic agriculture
Innovative activities related to the future International Convention Centre in Vanves

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Intersection of Les Insurgés de Varsovie, Rue Louis Vicat, Porte de Brancion intersection 75015 Paris, 92170 Vanves


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