Avenue Léon Jouhaux, avenue Léon Harmel 92160 Antony

Over an area of nearly 40 hectares, the ambitious redevelopment of a business area in southern Antony will lead to the creation of Antonypole, a large project for a new, innovative and attractive district. Situated within this large-scale development project, the chosen site is very strategic, due to its land area of 25,500m², neighbouring the land reserved for the future station for line 18 of Greater Paris Express and its forecourt. The site, comprised of two plots on either side of Avenue Léon Harmel, is destined to undergo an exceptional transformation to support that of the district into a true mixed railway station district, in anticipation of the inauguration of the Antonypole Station in 2024.

Current use

Premises for businesses and public facilities (Centre André Malraux), which will be demolished

Planned programme

Housing, local services, such as shops on the ground-floor of a building, high-end service sector activities


EPF 92, City of Antony

Land area

26 270m² + roads

Land registry references

CM 208, CO 215, CO 242

Planned nature of the transferred rights


Urban context / existing buildings

This site, located in the south-eastern section of the municipality of Antony, is on the municipal boundary with Wissous on one side, and Massy on the other. The site is primarily composed of dilapidated or vacant facilities, and is mainly dedicated to economic activities, and a few additional public facilities. The surrounding urban fabric is residential, with primarily detached houses, and a few private and social housing blocks and some schools (vocational school and middle school).
The site is bordered by the A10 motorway over a 1.3 km stretch, and is in the immediate vicinity of RD920, thus benefiting from an excellent connection to the Ile-de-France motorway network. It is served by 3 RATP and Paladin bus lines, whereas the closest RER station (Fontaine Michalon, line B) is 1,700 metres away. In 2024, the site's accessibility via public transport will be significantly improved by the arrival of Line 18 of the Greater Paris Express network, right at the centre of the site.
The city has two objectives. On the one hand, create a new district that will take advantage of the metropolitan asset of the future Greater Paris Express station by developing an economic showcase in the area of service sector activities and the high-tech industry. And on the other hand, create a dynamic community life, in which all types of housing will benefit from high-end services that are both commercial and public. Beyond the site, to the southeast, a dynamic business estate is being developed on a 20-hectare plot, which is known for its cutting-edge activities.

Prospects for innovation

Process innovation: potential measures for cleaning up pollution,
Innovation in functional diversity within a building, increased range of solutions for parking and urban logistics, to relieve the centre-city of Antony.

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Avenue Léon Jouhaux, avenue Léon Harmel 92160 Antony


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