EIF Factory

97 rue Pierre de Montreuil 93100 Montreuil

The redevelopment of the EIF factory and surrounding area represents a great challenge for urban regeneration, within a unique landscape setting. The transformation of this 1.9-hectare site will be a catalyst for enhancing the heritage, culture and agriculture of the Murs-à-Pêches district, an iconic area in the horticultural history of the Montreuil plateau. The site is a junction point between social housing neighbourhoods, recreation areas and infrastructures, and will benefit from improved accessibility with the extension of tramway line 1 and Metro lines 1 and 11, which will strengthen the area’s appeal on the metropolitan level.

Current use

An abandoned factory to be redeveloped and the adjacent plot, free of construction

Planned programme

Economic, social and cultural activities


City de Paris, EPFIF, Département de Seine-Saint-Denis, the State

Land area

1.9 hectares

Built-up area

Factory: 4,076m² net usable area

Planned nature of the transferred rights


Urban context / existing buildings

The EIF site, a former leather store and then textile factory, is located in the Haut-Montreuil area, between the communal cemetary to the west and Parc Montreau to the east, in what is called the "Murs-à-pêches" district. The strips of land bear witness to the horticultural history of the Montreuil plateau.
The land is part of an urban setting that is not very dense, made up of detached housing units, collective housing (Bel Air district to the south and Ruffins district to the east) and businesses. To the east, the former A186 motorway separates the site from the new ecological swimming pool. The site is also situated near several major infrastructures: particularly the technology institut IUT de Montreuil, the Arthur Ashe sports centre, the Grands Pêchers stadium and the horticulture and lanscaping vocational secondary school.
In the short term, the site will benefit from improved access to public transport, with the extension of the T1-East tramway line to the abandoned motorway area (former A186) , the arrival of the Metro line 11 in 2020 and line 1 in 2030.
The project also includes improvements to Rue Gobetue. Located at the edge of the Murs-à-Pêches district, listed among the "sites and lanscapes" by the State, the site is part of a remarkable environmental and lancscape setting that must be preserved. It is also listed as a strategic site in the "Park Heights" ("Parc des Hauteurs") programme, an urban project currently underway, initiated by the Est Ensemble public institution.

Prospects for innovation

Mixed economic activities, new uses for heritage, culture and agriculture...
Innovations related to the associative networks: social and solidarity-based economy, education...
Innovative methods for cleaning up pollution.

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97 rue Pierre de Montreuil 93100 Montreuil



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