Kremlin-Bicêtre-Hôpital Station Area

Rue Gabriel Péri, rue Séverine 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre

The proposed site is a partially built-up plot of approximately 3,000m², located within the area for the future “Kremlin-Bicêtre Hôpital” station of the Greater Paris Express. By 2030, the arrival of line 14 will provide a direct and fast connection between the site and the capital. Situated on a hillside, the site benefits from a stunning view of Paris and Bièvre valley. This location will also offer the site good visibility for the upcoming architectural projects on the site. Applicants must meet the following challenge: propose a unifying urban connection between the cities of Gentilly, Kremlin-Bicêtre and Arcueil through ambitious urban development around the railway station area.

Current use

Structures that will be removed

Planned programme

New urban facade with a "showcase" building (15 floors): businesses (hospitals + offices), housing units (families and students), shops (in the station and beyond).



Land area

Approximately 3,165m²



Planned nature of the transferred rights


Urban context / existing buildings

The site is located in Kremlin-Bicêtre. It is part of an urban project that will accompany the opening of the "Kremlin-Bicêtre Hôpital" station for line 14 of the Greater Paris Express network. The station will be located in front of the entrance to the Bicêtre University Hospital, opposite Rue Gabriel Péri, of which the central section is comprised of the cover for the A6 motorway, which crosses underneath. This wide, recently renovated, tree-lined avenue marks the limit between Kremlin-Bicêtre to the east, and Gentilly to the west.
Situated on top of a hill that overlooks Bièvre Valley, this site benefits from exceptional visibility and provides wide-ranging views of Paris and the Bièvre Valley. Any project that is undertaken here will become a lasting part of the metropolitan landscape.
The district is primarily dedicated to housing, facilities, and public services. Few shops are currently present in the area.
The district is currently rather far from major public transport infrastructures. The "Le Kremlin Bicêtre" metro station for line 5 is located 800 metres to the east of the hospital, and the "La Place" RER B station is over a kilometre away.
The proximity of the A6 motorway and the Paris ring road provide the site with a direct connection with the Il-de-France motorway network.
The arrival of line 14 of the Greater Paris Express in 2023 will considerably improve the district's accessibility, making it only one metro stop away from Paris and one station away from line 15 sud, which will be inaugurated in 2022. It will serve the medical school and Bicêtre University Hospital, a facility with regional influence, which welcomes 11,000 employees and visitors each day.

Prospects for innovation

Wide variety in housing (for families, students and researchers), development of inter-sectoral activities (the territory's digital mission and a well established health centre), junction point for all forms of mobility

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Rue Gabriel Péri, rue Séverine 94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre


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