Multimodal and metropolitan hub of the ZAC Gare Ardoines

ZAC Gare des Ardoines 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine

The Ardoines site, a strategic hub of the Greater Paris metropolitan area, is located at the centre of one of the largest urban development projects in France. With railway tracks on either side, it is structured around two centralities which will be linked by an ambitious walkway: the multimodal hub and the Grandes Halles SNCF, iconic examples of industrial architecture. A future hub for the Greater Paris Express, served by the RER C and an A86 interchange, this future showcase district will welcome an ambitious, predominantly economic programme and provides an ideal location for inventing the city of the 21st century, both diverse and densely-populated, around public spaces of quality and enhanced mobility.

Current use

Elevated public car park which will be relocated
Grandes Halles partially occupied by ferry activities which will be restructured and maintained
Warehouses currently being demolished

Planned programme

Station lot: 93,000m² of offices, 9,000m² of shops, 7,500m² specific housing
Lots around multimodal hub: predominantly economic, tertiary, and commercial activity.
PM 3 lot: incorporated within the bus hub regulation
Grandes Halles: facility with a metropolitan dimension


Municipality of Vitry-sur-Seine
SNCF (acquisition planned for 2017-2018 by EPA ORSA)

Land area


Land registry references

DJ122, DJ123, DJ128, DJ131, DJ133

Planned nature of the transferred rights


Urban context / existing buildings

Situated in the southeast of the municipality of Vitry-sur-Seine, in the city-centre and 3 kilometres from Paris, the Ardoines district extends to the banks of the Seine. It is divided into two parts by the RER C railway tracks. The eastern half of the Ardoines district is occupied by activities including urban services with metropolitan significance, such as the Vitry thermal centre, while the western half is a residential neighbourhood, composed primarily of detached housing, with a few large blocks of collective housing.
The Gare des Ardoines ZAC (48 hectare mixed development zone) benefits from exceptional public transportation service with the RER C station in the south, which will be served by line 15 of the Greater Paris Express beginning in 2022.
By 2030 the ZAC sets forth to create a mixed district of more than 650,000m2, with two thirds of the planned area intended for offices and business, and a third for housing. In order to open the district up on its eastern side and on the Seine, two structures are planned to cross over the RER C railway tracks, and, by 2050, cross over the Seine as well. There is also a plan to create a TCSP line, the TZEN 5, which will link Ivry-sur-Seine and Choisy-le-Roi, passing between the Seine and the RER C railway tracks. These projects are being developed in collaboration with the ZAC Seine-Gare-Vitry, located less than 2km to the north and spreading out over 37 hectares.

Prospects for innovation

Innovative economic activities
Innovative business services (fablab, co-working…)
Urban digital services
Inclusive dimension
Environmental innovation
Innovative arrangements

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ZAC Gare des Ardoines 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine


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