Noue Caillet Coeur de Quartier

Rue Léon Blum, rue Germain Tillon 93140 Bondy

Located just outside the capital, this site with a surface area of 7,500m² is part of a district undergoing major regeneration. The area is benefiting from modernization and a new organization of space that will provide this promising district with true functional and symbolic unity. On a larger scale, the site is part of a zone undergoing exponential changes, due to its proximity to the Rives de l’Ourcq mixed activity zone. Situated 900 metres from the Pont de Bondy, this site of the Innovation Arc will soon be in the immediate vicinity of the future Greater Paris Express hub.

Current use

Plot 1: completely unoccupied, except for the post office building.
Plot 2: land being freed via the demolition of a former shopping centre

Planned programme

Housing, creation of a Development Centre for Women to promote entrepreneurship, creation of a business centre, development of local shops, possible offering of sports and housing facilities


P1: City of Bondy
P2: OPH 93

Land area

7,500m² in two separate plots P1: 1,500m² P2: 6,000m² (including a 1,875m² area reserved for Action Logement, which can be relocated on the site, as long as the commitment is upheld to create 35 intermediary housing units and a 600m² mini-market)

Planned nature of the transferred rights


Urban context / existing buildings

The site is located in northern Bondy, in the direct vicinity of A3 motorway, which forms the municipal boundary with Bobigny. At the heart of La Noue Caillet district with its large housing blocks, the site is separated from the centre city by the Canal de l’Ourcq, Avenue Henri Varagnat and the Pont d’Aulnay. This site is part of the Urban Renovation Plan approved in 2010, aimed at actively integrating Bondy into the Ile-de-France metropolitan area by 2030.
The site is bordered by Avenue Jean Moulin to the south, by Rue Léon Blum to the west, by Rue Germaine Tillion to the east, and Avenue Suzanne Buisson to the north. A passageway under the A3 motorway connects the site with Chemin de Groslay and the Bobigny municipality.
The site's location and proximity to areas undergoing major changes, such as the Rives de l’Ourcq mixed development zone along the canal (completion in 2030), make it an important component in the project initiated by the city of Bondy, aimed in particular at opening up the northern districts.
The site is directly accessible via Bondy urban transport, T.U.B (Transport Urbain de Bondy), and the Route d’Aulnay – Jean Moulin and Suzanne Buisson bus stops for bus lines 134, 234, 346, and 351 are 200 metres away. The current Pont de Bondy stop for tramway T1 is 1 kilometre south-west of the site.
In 2020, the arrival of the TZen3, which will connect Les Pavillons-sous-Bois with La Porte de Pantin will improve the site's accessibility. In 2025, the construction of the Pont de Bondy station for line 15 of the Grand Paris Express will greatly improve the site's accessibility.
The presence of the A3 motorway in the immediate vicinity makes the site directly accessible via the Ile-de-France motorway network.

Prospects for innovation

Economic and social innovation: partnerships with the private sector, including for the management of future sites, energy-efficient buildings, intermediate and unique housing solutions

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Rue Léon Blum, rue Germain Tillon 93140 Bondy


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